Friday, May 29, 2015

Five for Friday!

Hello Again Friends!
I have to say, as a work-at-home momma, Fridays aren't always a big deal around here.  Some are bigger than others.  I often lose track of what day it is and the only thing helping me is my daughter's school schedule some weeks!  This week... a whole 'nother story.  We are all so ready for Friday.  Why??  This week was exam week for my daughter.  She is only in 2nd grade but they have had exams all week.  Yesterday and today were torturous mornings getting her up and off to school.  She is done.  She doesn't want to do it anymore.  I can't blame her.  So here's our week in review...

Do you every get tired of the same old dinners?  I know I do.  I'm the only one who cooks so meal shopping and planning is all up to me.  I just get bored and tired of making the same dishes all the time.  I went on the hunt for healthy real food meals for a family.  I discovered a new blog called blessthismessplease.  You can check it out here.  I made her white chicken chili and one pot pasta primavera this week.  Yum!  So delicious, healthy, and easy to make.  Tonight I'm trying the one pot coconut chicken and rice.  Here's my pic of the pasta primavera.

This week for preschool story hour we learned about our flag in honor of Memorial Day.  We read a scholastic book I had on the Pledge of Allegiance, did the flag craft, and enjoyed a red, white, and blue snack of strawberries, blueberries, and yogurt.  Click here to read my full blog post.


Our book club met Wednesday night.  Such a fun group of ladies!  We've been meeting for awhile now and really enjoy dinner together, discussing the books we read, and just talking about life.  This month we read All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr.  It was soooo good.  Looking for a good read?  I'd definitely recommend it! 
 All the Light We Cannot See
I updated one of my first products I ever uploaded to TpT and created a summer version of my long versus short vowels word sorts and flap books.  These are great independent activities, assessment activities, and literacy center activities for those last days of school when they just need to be interacting with each other and moving around.  You can click on the pics below to grab them from my store.

My second Stitch Fix arrived Wednesday.  I was so glad!  I love being able to take it with me to book club and try it on for my friends.  Especially with this one.  I was unsure about the pink blouse.  Thanks to my friend Gina's suggestion for a different way to wear it, I decided to keep it.  Click here to see my entire Stitch Fix blog post.

Happy Friday Everyone!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

My Second Stitch Fix!

Hello Again Friends!

I'm so excited to share my second Stitch Fix with you!  I was thrilled that it arrived yesterday, just in time to share it with my book club friends.  They love seeing what's in my box and having me try stuff on for them.  I love the opinions and feedback that they give me and the ideas for ways to wear what's in my box.  I'll explain more later.  But for now... here it is!

Item number one is a Market and Spruce Camille Striped Pocket-Front Tank.  I love the color and the fit.  It's also super comfortable.  As you can see I have cream linen pants to pair it with already.  I wore this outfit to book club last night.  This is a keeper!

Item number two is a Gilli Nicky Striped Faux Wrap Jersey Dress.  I'm in love with the color.  It's one of my favorites.  It's stretchy, comfy, versatile, and a keeper for sure!

Items three and four are the Papermoon Chileno Split Neck Blouse and the Pixley June Polka Dot Skirt.  At first I was reluctant to keep the pink blouse.  I was trying it on and leaving it out hanging.  I see what the stylist is thinking with a slim pencil skirt and then a blouse that is loose and flowing, but it just didn't look right.  Book club friends to the rescue!!!!  My friend Gina suggested tucking the blouse in and puffing it out a bit.  She also suggested that it would probably look better out and loose with a pair of skinny jeans.  So thanks to my girlfriends... both of these are keepers.  The skirt is almost a velour material on the outside and is stretchy so it's super comfortable. 

My last item is a Alan French Terry Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan.  I had the hubs take two pictures.  One with it open, the other with it zipped.  It flows nicely while open and is more form fitting when zipped.  I'm in love!!!  If you read my last month's post on my fix there was a cover-up but it just didn't work for me.  This one is just what I need.  It's pricey but I figure I'll take really good care of it and use it all the time.  I get cold sitting inside in the air conditioning when I'm working so this will be my go-to cardigan.  It's worth it.  :)

So this Stitch Fix was a huge success.  I'm excited to have the pieces that I got.  The best part is that you get to leave feedback for your stylist and a note about what you want in your next fix.  Are you interested in trying it too?  Help me out and use my link. I get a $25 credit for every referral that signs up using my link.  Then you can pass your link on to your friends!  Now that I've got some cute clothes for the Teachers Pay Teachers conference in Vegas this summer, I'm going to be looking for some more everyday casual wear.  Stay tuned for next month's fix!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Toddler Tuesday ~ And Preschoolers Too!

Hi Again!
I'm excited to actually be sitting down and sharing what we did for preschool story hour today.  On the actual day we did it!  Imagine that!  I'm usually a couple of days behind in posting.  So here's today's Toddler Tuesdays post!
 Today I focused on Memorial Day with the kids.  Yesterday was Memorial Day and actually a holiday here in the Bahamas called Whit Monday.  I went hunting on the internet for a cute flag craft that my toddlers and preschoolers could make.  Thanks to, I found one!

It was a small group today.  Many of our friends are still traveling.  We started with our book.  I read The Pledge of Allegiance by Scholastic.  It has great pictures that lead to really good discussions.

Then we sang our songs.  I really need to introduce some new songs...but they love these so much!

Then it was time for our art project.

First I gave each child a piece of red construction paper.  3 of the 4 were able to cut the strips.  We (the adults) showed them how to cut it the long way.  For my son I had him follow my finger with his scissors, making sure he didn't cut my finger.  :)  Are the stripes perfect?  No.  But I wanted them to gain experience and confidence in using scissors.  Honestly, I think the crooked stripes are pretty cute.  :)

Then they glued their red stripes on a piece of white construction paper.

Then it was time for the blue square.  I folded a piece of blue construction paper into squares and had the kids follow the fold lines as best as they could.

Next they glued their blue squares in the top left corner of their paper.  They glued it over the red stripes.

Then it was time for the stars!  They all started out doing a really good job making white dots for the stars....

Then my son decided to smear and paint the whole thing... there's always one in a group.  And the others followed.

When we were done we enjoyed a red, white, and blue snack of yogurt with strawberries and blueberries.  Yum!

Now to think of a theme for next week...

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Five for Fraturday~ May 23

Good Morning!
Happy Saturday!  I know some of you are already done with school.  Others still have a couple weeks to go.  My daughter goes until June 19 so she still has 4 weeks of school left.  She has exams next week.  Yes, she's only in 2nd grade, but they start final exams in first grade or kindergarten here in the Bahamas.  Thanks to Kacey from Doodlebugs Teaching for hosting this fun linky.  I've been absent for awhile and I am excited to link up again!  Click the picture below to join in on the fun.


We had guests staying with us from April 30 through May 17.  Both of my sisters came and my best friend of 30 years.  This Five for Fraturday is the adventures of our first guests, my younger sister and family.

Blue Lagoon Day!


 Cousin time!


Atlantis Aquarium


 Adults only dinner at Compass Point on the beach


Beach time!  Can you tell we are sisters??

It was such a great visit.  They didn't have the greatest weather but it was better than the weather back home in Wisconsin.  The kids loved having time with their cousins.  I loved having my sister here.  Stay tuned for highlights from my youngest sister's visit and my best friend's visit!

Side note...  we turned in our paperwork to request where we want to go next!!!  GASP!  I'm so nervous!  We should know by the beginning of June.  Keep us in your prayers as we get ready for the next chapter in our lives.

Happy Saturday!